Aeromaster 48-214: P-51B/C part IV

Units: Various




Scott Van Aken

This 1995 sheet has markings for three different Mustangs, all P-51Bs.

First is 'The Verna Q' from the 356 FS. It is in standard early Mustang colors of OD over Neutral Grey and carries the ID markings of a white nose, white wing stripes and white horizontal stabilizer stripes.

Next is 'Penrod' from the 318 FS/325 FG. This aircraft is in natural metal with the tail in yellow and black checks. The modeler needs to paint the yellow bits and the red nose.

Finally is 'Bald Eagle' from the 374 FS/361 FG. It is natural metal with the upper surface of the fuselage and where the D-Day stripes would be on the upper wing painted in OD. Lower surfaces still have the D-Day stripes. Nose and wing tips are yellow.

Suggested kits for this sheet are by Accurate Miniatures, Monogram or Tamiya. There are enough common markings on the sheet to do one plane.

Review sheet courtesy of me

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