Aeromaster 48-151: Bent Wing Birds

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Scott Van Aken

Ah yes, the reliable Corsair. Not a contest goes by where there are not at LEAST one or two of these on the display tables. I have to admit that it is a good looking plane and one of a semi-unique design, what with the gulled wings to allow a large prop without having to have incredibly stalky landing gear. Doesn't hurt that it was flown by the winners in the largest conflict the world has yet known.

This sheet has a selection of -1A and -1D aircraft. All the -1As are in the tri-color scheme of sea blue, intermediate blue and white. The -1Ds are all in glossy sea blue.

First is a -1A 'Bayou Baby' from VMF -217 from Sept of 1944

Next is 007, another -1A from VMF-115 in December of 1944. There are checkers on the cowling front, a small section of the fin and on the very back of the fuselage.

530 is a -1D from VMF-312 in Okinawa during 1945. Checkered cowling and rudder.

X/168 is from VFB-86, aboard the USS Wasp in October, 1945, making it a post war scheme. Yellow prop hub.

Not shown is a very bland -1A with only #252 on the side to distinguish it from any other Corsair.

Suggested kits are Arii/Otaki, which are good kits, but since then there have been the very nice Tamiya kits and I'm sure these markings will fit that one equally as well.

Sheet courtesy of the reviewer.

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