Aeromaster 48-142: He-111 collection pt II

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Scott Van Aken


Looking for an interesting sheet for your next Revell/ProModeler He-111, then this would be a good one.

First is a Slovak Air Force H-3 version in RLM 70/71/65. Operating over the Russian Front, it has a yellow fuselage band and lower wing tips.

Next is another H-3 version, but this time from the Rumanian Air Force. It is in the interesting colors of RLM 70/79 uppers with RLM 65 lowers. There is a red stripe on the spinners and it has the usual Russian front tactical colors of a yellow fuselage stripe and lower wing tips.

Finally a CASA built He-111H-6 from the late 1950s, so it is unarmed. It is in RLM 61/62/63 uppers with an RLM 65 lower surface. The Spanish kept the pre-war splinter pattern and camouflage, though it is somewhat overwhelmed by the large red and yellow insignia!

Any of these schemes will be a really nice change from the usual Luftwaffe markings, and they come on two huge sheets.

Review sheet courtesy of me and my diminishing bank account.

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