Aeromaster 48-080: Lightnings in Drab Battle Dress, pt 1

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$5.00 when new. 1993 sheet


Scott Van Aken

This is one of Aeromaster's earlier sheets. You can tell because the markings guide is in greyshades rather than the current full color. This 1993 sheet has two aircraft on it; one from the UK and the other from the CBI. Recommended kits are by Monogram and Hasegawa, and I'm sure that you can include the Academy kit in with that mix as well.

The first aircraft is 'HaleakelaII' from the 459 FS/80 FG, the only P-38 unit in India during 1944. This garish aircraft has a green dragon motif on both engine booms. The green markings are provided separate from the yellow outlines. The engine fronts will have to be painted to match the decal. Aeromaster has provided templates in case you want to paint all of the green markings.

The other aircraft is 'Miss Ann', based in the UK. The sheet says the 7FS, but this was a Pacific based squadron so there has to be a mistake there. It a rather uninspiring scheme of OD over black.

Insignia are provided for both aircraft. You'll note the addendum sheet to correct a color error for the 459 FS aircraft.

September 2005

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