Aeromaster 48-073: Pacific P-51D Mustangs

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Scott Van Aken


Though not supplied in the numbers that were seen in Europe, the P-51D did finally make it into the Pacific in the last months of the war. Most were flown by the 5th AF, though a few did make it into the CBI (China - Burma - India) theater of operations. Some units were only around for a few months before the war ended and they were deactivated. All the 5th AF aircraft had wide black stripes on the fuselage and wings. There was no real rule for these so it was not unusual to see two or three or even four of these stripes on a plane. All of the 5th AF ones on this sheet have two stripes.

First is 'Jumpin Jacques' of the 3 FS/3 FG with a blue tail and spinner. The sheet has an addendum with the properly grey Bugs on it. This plane had white in between the black stripes.

Next is the F-6D of 'the Flying Undertaker' of the 71st TRG/82nd TRS. It has its black stripes outlined in yellow and those yellow outlines are provided on the sheet. You are also given the option of applying the later yellow stripes under the cockpit.

Finally, from the 2nd Air Commando Group (a very short-lived unit) comes this nicely done P-51D. It has single stripe black ID bands on the wings and stabilizers.

Though none of these schemes is particularly rare or unusual, they are better than what is provided in the kit and will only make your next Mustang a bit nicer. There are enough insignia for one aircraft and enough data markings for two.

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