Aeromaster 48-032 for the Ki-27 'Nate'

Units: Various




Scott Van Aken

The Ki-27 was the most important Japanese Army fighter at the beginning of the Pacific War. used for years over China, the Army pilots were mostly veterans of years of combat prior to being used against the Americans and Dutch in the opening phases of WWII. Though decidedly obsolescent with its fixed landing gear and rifle caliber guns, the skill of its pilots were such that it was able to defeat even more modern planes in use by the NEIAF and USAAC.

Eventually the aircraft were replaced by the Ki-43 Oscar, but went on to be part of the puppet air forces of Manchuko and National China as well as in numerous fighter training schools back in Japan.

For kits, you have but the old Mania/Hasegawa kit in 1/48. Though old, it is very well done with engraved panel lines and good detailing. The addition of a detail set really livens this kit up.

All of the aircraft on this sheet are in overall Japanese Army Green Grey, the standard coloration for the type.

First aircraft is from the Akeno fighter training school in 1942.

Next is a 1st chutai, 1st sentai Nate from China in 1939. It has a yellow rudder and white flash on the wheel pants.

From the HQ, 7th Air combat regiment, comes this Ki-27 as shot down by one of the Flying Tigers in 1942.

One of the Manchukuo AF planes from 1942. Rather colorful, really. You'll note that this one does not have the wheel spats. These were often removed to keep them from getting clogged with mud.

Finally a National Gov't of China plane, also from 1942. This is another Japanese puppet government aircraft.

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