Aeromaster 48-012: Pacific Mustangs

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Scott Van Aken

One of Aeromaster's first batch of decals was this one on Pacific Mustangs. All are in NMF with OD anti-glare panels. The recommended kit was the Hasegawa P-51D, but one could really use just about any of the available kits for this one. An additional half sheet contains extra insignia. There is also a paper template for se with the final scheme.

First up is 'Lil Butch' from the 47th FS/15 FG. It has blue and yellow markings on the tail and rear fuselage. Spinner is also blue and yellow as are the wing bands.

From the 46 FS/21 FG is 'Tiny Gay Babba'. A bit more plain that its predecessor with blue tail bands, spinner and wing tips edged in black. These must be painted on.

'Lady Marion' is from the 342 FS/348 FG and, as part of the 5th AF in the Philippines, has broad ID bands on the fuselage and wings in black

Finally, 'Lil Lassie' from the 341 FS/348 FG. Markings similar to the aircraft above, but the wing and tail bands are in black and yellow, making for a most colorful plane.

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