Aeromaster 32-020: Mustangs Forever pt 1

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Scott Van Aken

This latest 1/32 sheet from Aeromaster is for three P-51Ds and suggests the Hasegawa kit for those who like to do the big Mustang. It also adds to a new trend of offering high resolution nose art decals in the first of their 'Fancy Art' series. In this case, the special decal has been laser printed. Aeromaster has chosen to do just one aircraft from the sheet in this method. This keeps the cost close to the price of a standard sheet and still provides the high quality nose art decal. Full instructions on just how to use this decal are given in the instructions.

First aircraft is the 'Fancy Art' option, 'Tender Terror' of Ralph Mann of the 363 FS/357 FG. It is in unpainted metal with a red rudder and OD upper cowling. No ID stripes on this one.

Next is an OD over Neutral Grey aircraft, 'Ol Flak Joe' of Bill Fricker of the 363 FS/357 FG. It has the white ID bands on the wings and tail planes as well as the red rudder of the 363rd.

Finally, 'Ole-VIII' of William Hovde, the Commanding Officer of the 357 FS/355 FG. White spinner, blue nose and rudder along with the red/yellow fuselage band makes a colorful aircraft

Enough insignia and data markings to do one of the aircraft on the sheet. I have also included a close-up of the nose art decal so that you can see the quality that the laser printing process can provide.

May 2005

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