Aeromaster 32-019: After the Battle - Spitfire II/V

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Scott Van Aken

We can always use more big scale decal sheets since this seems to be the current wave for model makers. Basically, we have a nice Hasegawa or Revell kit to pick from for this sheet. All aircraft are marked in Dark Green/Ocean Grey over Medium Sea Grey with yellow wing leading edge ID bands and a Sky band around the aft fuselage. The first three subjects are all clipped wing Spits.

First up is the Mk Vc a sponsored aircraft of 129 squadron in mid 1943.

Next is a Vc from 310 squadron, again in mid-1943. This squadron was manned primarily by Czech pilots.

From 527 squadron (a radar calibration unit) comes this Vb. This one is a bit different in having a red spinner and personal name ('Anna').

Finally, the sheet's lone standard winged plane, a Vb from 403 (Canadian) squadron as flown by Squadron Leader Syd Ford during the Dieppe raid in August 1942.

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