Aeromaster 32-016: Green Nose Mustangs I

Units: 369 FG




Scott Van Aken

Moving one of their 1/48 sheets into a nice compilation of aircraft from the 369 FG, this sheet covers three subjects. For kits you have Monogram and Hasegawa to choose from  and there may be others that have slipped my mind. It would be nice to have squadron info provided as well, but that doesn't detract from the decals themselves. There are enough common markings for one aircraft and a smaller sheet (not shown) has wing bands on it so you don't have to paint them on. All planes are bare metal with green noses and red rudders so are from the same squadron.

First up is IV*S 'Torchy' as flown by F/O Harley Berndt. This plane has no exhaust shrouds and a red canopy frame.

Next is 'Stinky', Lt. Joe Mejaski's plane. It seems like all the unit's names were short so they could be printed very large on the nose!

Finally, 'Hubert', the mount of Lt. Rene Burtner. It also has a red canopy frame and has three red stripes on the fin fillet.

Another fine sheet with a nice selection of subjects.

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