Aeromaster 32-015: 361 FG P-51D Mustangs

Units: 361 FG




Scott Van Aken

Taking a clue from their new 1/48 sheets, Aeromaster has chosen a few designs from them for enlarging to 1/32 scale. Kits available are few and do include the Hasegawa and the Monogram P-51Ds. Can't think of any others at the moment unless Revell also does one.

These aircraft are all in bare metal with yellow nose and spinner. First up is one not on the 1/48 sheets and that is Lt Urban Drew's 'Detroit Miss', E2*D. This aircraft is the subject of the Monogram 1/48 kit and has red tail and wing tips along with a red canopy frame.

Next up is E9*V, of Lt Donald Vulgamore. Named 'Jasper Joker III', it has black on the wing tips and under the nose art. Like all the planes, it carries the P-51 ID bands in black.

Finally, 'Betty Lou III', E2*X as flown by Lt William Kemp. His plane has blue for the rudder and canopy frame. It also has D-Day stripes under the fuselage and wings.

The sheet includes the low viz insignia for 'Detriot Miss' and regular insignia for one other. There are enough common data markings for one plane and all the various bands and stripes will have to be painted.

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