Aeromaster 148-031  S-3 Stencils

Units: All of them


$9.00 ($7.00 at NA Hobbies)


Scott Van Aken

Probably on more than on occasion, you've had the need to do up a model with all of the various data and stencil markings, but found that the kit sheet is sorely lacking. Well, if the S-3 kit is your model of choice, then you need look no farther than this new sheet from Aeromaster. Not only does it have a full suite of stencils, but it also includes wing and fuselage walk areas, the leading edge protective material and even the side flare/chaff dispensers that are needed to make the AMT S-3A kit into a B model. Even the cooling intake is included. You'll still have to find another flare/chaff dispenser for the centerline and the different antennas for the wing tip pods, but this sheet will definitely get you on your way.

Review sheet courtesy North American Hobbies, where you can get everything at 20-30% below retail.

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