Aeromaster 72-123: Empire Defenders - Ki-45 Collection Pt 2

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Scott Van Aken

This sheet covers the Ki-45 Kai, one of the later models of this aircraft that was used in the home defense role in a fairly vain attempt to combat the fairly high flying B-29s. As was the case with most Japanese fighters of the time, their engines were such that high altitude performance was fairly poor. These planes not only took a long time to reach altitude, but once there were not able to maneuver quite that well.

All of the aircraft in this sheet wear the white home defense bands on the wings and fuselages. Most of them are also with the 53rd Sentai which was assigned this task.

The first airplane from this unit is in a fairly standard scheme. This is listed as light grey with dark green spots. The nose of this aircraft is painted red with white trim and Aeromaster has provided a paper template to help out. The front of the prop spinner is also red.

Next is a plane from the 4th Sentai. This plane had all the armament removed and the rear gunner's position removed and the canopy sealed. The aircraft was used for ramming attacks. Camouflage as with the first option.

In an overall dark olive green in the third plane. This 53rd Sentai aircraft has a red fuselage band. Like the first option it has the angled 20mm guns behind the pilot's compartment.

Finally another somewhat standard camouflaged 53 Sentai plane with an arrow motif on the fuselage. This aircraft also appears to have a sealed rear gunner's compartment like the second option.

The recommended kit is by Hasegawa. The sheet offers stencils, insignia, rear fuselage bands, and yellow wing ID bands for three planes. The wing bands will need to be painted on by the builder.

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