Aeromaster 72-018: Ki-43 Hayabusa Collection

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Scott Van Aken


This is one of Aeromaster's earlier sheets, hence the black and white instructions. It provides markings for six Ki-43-II aircraft. These are the later -II planes with the exhaust that points to the rear if the drawings are accurate. The recommended kit is Hasegawa, but I'll bet it will fit the later offerings from Special Hobby.

First up is a plane with the Manchuokou Air Force in 1944. Overall unpainted metal. Unless noted, all of these options have the red/brown prop, black anti-glare panel and yellow wing ID markings.

From the 64th Sentai in 1943-44 is next. This natural metal plane has green blotches on the upper surface and was based in Burma.

Also with the 64th in Burma during 1943/44 is this 3rd Chutai plane with the upper surfaces in dark green. It has a red spinner and has the tail markings of a Presentation aircraft.

In a dark green/brown over light grey scheme is this plane from the 50th Sentai, 2nd Chutai in Malaya during 1943. Spinner and forward cowling are yellow.

Another unpainted metal plane is  with the 17th Hiko-Dan based in Tokyo during early 1944. White defense bands on the wings.

Finally a heavily green mottled plane from the 47th Sentai in Tokyo in late 1944. Defense bands on fuselage and wings. It might be worthwhile to paint the white bands as often decals don't fit fuselages all that well.

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