Aeromaster 48-372: Storms in the Sky part VIII

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Scott Van Aken

It should come as no surprise that the release of a kit will often be accompanied shortly thereafter by a raft of decals and accessories. Such is the case with the Hasegawa 1/48 Typhoon and the Eduard Tempest. Aeromaster produced a number of sheet covering these two planes and this one is on the cardoor Typhoon.

All five options (one not shown) are in the standard mid-late war day fighter scheme with the obligatory yellow wing leading edges and sky fuselage band.

First is a very early plane, judging by the insignia, from 56 Squadron named 'Farquar IV'. It is a 12 gun machine so a bit of adjusting will be needed to the kit.

Next is from Duxford Wing Leader Dennis Gillam. His plane is named 'Penny'. Note this one has a bulge in the upper canopy section. Yellow wing bands on this one.

Number three has black and white bands under the wing and a goodly score as it should being R.P. Beaumont's aircraft from 609 squadron. On this one the gun barrels are also yellow.

The white nose aircraft is from 182 squadron. Note that it only has black bands under the wing without the white.

The final plane is not shown but is also from 609 squadron and named 'Mavis'. It has yellow bands on the upper wing as well as the usual black and white ones on the underside. The back half of the spinner is in red.

Instructions have a lot of little notes that should be helpful and it looks like you can do two planes from what's included if you choose wisely. The yellow wing bands are included as decals for those who do not want to paint them.

September 2017

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