Aeromaster 48-362: Eagles part 1

Units: Various




Scott Van Aken

This sheet contains markings for four F-15A/C Eagles from various time periods. You will note that two are in the older Ghost scheme and two in the current Mod Eagle scheme.

The first option is an F-15C of 94 FS/1 FW at Langley AFB in 1997. This is in the Mod Eagle scheme.

Next, in the Ghost scheme is an F-15C of the 57 FWW at Nellis AFB in 1990.

Third is an F-15A from the 426 TFW/405th TTW at Luke AFB in 1989. It is also in the Ghost scheme.

Finally, the lone named plane, 'Pride of Bay County', an F-15C boss bird from the 325th FW at Tyndall AFB in 1997.

The instructions list several kits for this one from Monogram, Tamiya, Hasegawa and Academy. Since then, you can add GWH to the list. It appears that all planes had the turkey feathers still installed, but I'd check photos to verify that.

September 2017

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