Aeromaster 48-113: Thunderbolts Galore III

Units: Various




Scott Van Aken

This particular sheet has markings for four aircraft of various types. The sheet recommends the Monogram kits for this, but then, those were pretty much it in 1994. Since then we have kits from both Hasegawa and Tamiya that will be used by most. As a note, since this sheet was not designed for the two newer kits, there is a chance that the cowling markings provided will not be a perfect fit, so keep that in mind.

The 352nd FS/353rd FG gets two aircraft on this one. The upper plane is 'Butch II', a P-47D-25 from July 1944. This plane is in a non-standard scheme that looks like it uses RAF colors. This plane appears to have a Hamilton Standard prop. Both planes have yellow cowlings for their checkered noses.

The other is a P47D-11 in OD over neutral grey, just like the other razorbacks. It has full invasion stripes, which will add even more color. 'The Flying Finn'  has some pretty nice artwork under the windscreen.

'Holy Joe' is the second option and in the normal scheme for early P-47s in that it has a while cowling front and white stripes on the tailplanes. The P-47C-5 is from the 63rd FS/56th FG. Note that it should not have wing racks. This plane has the red surround insignia. You need to use kit insignia for the other options.

Finally, we have a P-47D-15 from the 61 FS/56 FG. 'Little Chief/Anderson Indian' is very standard in early colors and has an additional white tip to the fin. This and the previous three have the Curtiss prop.

Decals are nicely printed and my experience with old Aeromaster sheets is generally quite good.

September 2017

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