Aeromaster 48-092: Stalin's Cobras part 2

Units: various




Scott Van Aken

Here is a nice P-39 sheet for those into Soviet Airacobras. There are four options on this sheet with most in OD over neutral grey. As the Eduard kit wasn't around in 1993, this one is for the Monogram kit. Really, there should be no issues fitting these markings to something else.

The initial offering is an ex-RAF P-400 in dark earth, dark green, and sky from the 19th Guards IAP. This plane has a red fin tip and white spinner. Like all P-400s, it has the 12 stack exhaust.

Second, with the white fin tip and spinner is a P-39N with the Black Sea Fleet in mid 1944. Note a replacement rudder in a lighter shade of OD.

 White 46 has a red spinner and a lightning bolt on the fuselage side. This was flown by Hero of the Soviet Union N.I. Protenkov. It is a P-39N

Finally with a white surround to the insignia is this P-39N with the 17th IAP. It was flown by V.F. Sirotin and has a huge nose art on the right side.

The sheet has enough common bits for three options, including the wing walk areas. Since red is relatively transparent, the sheet includes white star backgrounds for some of the options.

October 2017

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