Aeromaster 48-081: US Aircraft in French Service

Units: various




Scott Van Aken

Another early sheet from 1994 contains three US aircraft in French markings. After WWII, it took a while to get the French aviation industry back up to speed so they used a number of surplus US aircraft.

One that was used during the last year of the war was the P-47D. This one is in OD over Neutral Grey and was with GC II/5 'Lafayette' in southern France during late 1944. The recommended kit is by Monogram, but since this was printed, there are newer options.

The B-26C is an aircraft used extensively post war in Algeria and Indochina. This one is from GB 1/91 'Toulouse' based in Indochina in 1954 and like most French Invaders, is overall black. Monogram kit also for this one.

FInally, an F8F-1B Bearcat from GC 1/22 ' Saintonge' based at Tonkin in French Indochina during 1953. Overall sea blue. The instructions recommend modifying the Testors kit, but we have other options now.

Insignia for all three options are provided as are the yellow surrounds. Oddly, these are broken in half, undoubtedly to fit on the sheet.

October 2017

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