Aeromaster 48-067: Pacific P-47N Thunderbolts part 2

Units: various




Scott Van Aken


Another early sheet from 1994 contains three P-47Ns from the 318th and 503rd FG based on Ie Shima in the closing months of the war. While at the time this sheet was developed, there was no dedicated P-47N in 1/48 scale, we now have the ProModeler/Revell and Academy kits.

First and second options are with the 19th FS/318th FG. Both have the yellow and black striped tail section with medium blue on the forward cowling, cowl flaps and the spinner. The top aircraft is 'Honolulu Tina' with the appropriate nose art. The other is 'Flying Eight Ball II'.

The third option is 'Expected Goose' with the 463 FS/503 FG. This plane has a yellow tail section and carries yellow wing bands in the area of the gun barrels.

The sheet provides the yellow tail markings for one of the first two options as well as insignia for one. These decals were printed by Microscale so will work with their products.

October 2017

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