Aeromaster 48-052: Invaders in the Sky

Units: Various




Scott Van Aken

This particular sheet has markings for Three aircraft. Two are overall black while the third is in unpainted metal with black engine nacelles. For kits of the A/B-26 in 1/48, Monogram/Revell is the only viable option.

First up is an A-26C from the 86th BS/47th BG in Italy during 1945. This one is gloss black overall. This aircraft also has the early style canopy.

Next is 'Jersey Bounce' with the 90s BS/3rd BG in Korea in 1952. Yellow tips of flying surfaces. Though it is a B-26B, it had the glass nose refitted.

FInally an RB-26C with the 363 TRW at Shaw AFB in 1954. Note no turrets. It is also in gloss black.

Decals are nicely printed in this 1993 sheet.

August 2017

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