Aeromaster 48-046: US Aircraft in FAA Service

Units: various




Scott Van Aken

The Fleet Air Arm during WWII was generally lacking in a good carrier based fighter. For some reason, they felt they needed a two place aircraft to act as both fighter and recce plane. The result was a series of fairly lack-luster types, though the Firefly wasn't all that terrible. Still nothing beats an enemy single seat fighter like a single seat fighter. Thankfully, the US was able to provide suitable types, though they did not all see carrier duty.

The first two on this sheet are Martlets. The first is a Martlet V from 1832 squadron, complete with invasion stripes and standard FAA camouflage.

Next is a Martlet III. This is in a desert scheme from 805 squadron in 1941/42 as it was operated from land bases.

The Hellcat I (F6F-3) is from 800 Squadron aboard the HMS Emperor in July-August 1944 had has invasion stripes.

Finally a Corsair IV (F4U-1D) from 1836 Squadron aboard HMS Colossus in the last months of the war in the Pacific and into the occupation. Note that all FAA Corsairs had clipped wing tips.

There are all sorts of kits available for these markings so finding one shouldn't be difficult.

October 2017

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