Aeromaster 48-036: Lightings in the Sky

Units: various




Scott Van Aken

P-38s in this sheet and they are all late war P-38J/Ls. The probable reason for this is at the time the only really available kits were the late war versions. While the Monogram kit is one of those suggested, by this time Hasegawa had released their P-38s, which is what most modelers of the day would have chosen. Neither is particularly easy to build, but the Hasegawa kit would have been the more modern and therefore 'better'. All the options are unpainted metal.

First is 'Les vin, les femmes, les Chanson' of the 485th FS based in Belgium in late 1944. This has invasion stripes on the underside and a red forward cowling/spinner. Greyed out insignia.

Like the first option, "Arkansas Traveller" is a P-38J. This one is with the 392 FS in 1945. Red forward spinner and nose.

'Jandina IV' is from the 80th FS/8th FG in 1944. This Pacific Lighting has a white nose tip and green/whitespinners. This color is also on the upper and lower fin.

Also from the 80th FS is 'Uncle Cy's Angel'. Green unit colors on this one's spinner and fin.

From the 431st FS, is the P-38L 'Pappy's Birr-die'. The tip of the nose, rear spinner and fins are red.

Finally, we have a P-38J from the 94 FS/1 FG based in Italy. It has yellow spinners and black forward cowling. The nose has to be painted white prior to installing the checks.

 October 2017

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