Aeromaster 48-029: Pacific P-47D Thunderbolts

Units: various




Scott Van Aken

The Pacific theater was pretty much a Navy show, though in the Southwest Pacific, the army took care of much of the move up from New Guinea into the Philippines. As a 'secondary' war in the war plans, this area was not on the top of the list to get new equipment. However, as the European units became fully equipped, then the Pacific was considered. Such was the case with the P-47.

This sheet has four markings options, all of which are P-47Ds of some variant. Note that the early D models did not have wing racks, something to keep in mind.

First up is a P-47D-2 as flown by Neel Kirby of the 348 FG. 'Firey Ginger' is in OD over neutral grey with the standard white tail and wing leading edges.

Next is a P-47D-23 named 'Bonnie' This unpainted metal plane from the 460 FS was based in the Philippines in mid 1945 so has the broad black bands required in this theater.

The RAF also operated P-47s. This is a Thunderbolt I of 268 Squadron  in Burma during late 1944. It is in standard RAF colors with a red/white forward cowling.

Finally, A P-47D-30 of the 201st Squadron of the Mexican Air Force in mid-1945. This has the broad black stripes required in the P.I. This plane had the white scalloped nose that all these planes have. No black outline decal is provided, but you are provided a template on the instruction sheet for painting the white. White stripes are provided for the wing and fuselage band outlines.

There are quite a few P-47D kits out there and while this sheet was sized for the Monogram kit, they should work easily as well on the current crop of Thunderbolts.

October 2017

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