Aeromaster 48-010: Latin American P-47Ds

Units: Various




Scott Van Aken

Also from 1992 is this nice sheet on P-47s from south of the borders. The recommended kit for this is the Monogram version, but the markings may well fit the more recent variants. All of these have the later paddle blade Curtiss-Electric prop, so if you are going to use the Monogram kit, you'll need to source this from somewhere else.

All these are in unpainted metal with black or OD anti-glare panels. Note that they all have the fin fillets so are probably -30 or later versions.

First is from Cuba with a red forward cowling and spinner. The rest of the cowling is yellow.

A Dominican Republic plane is next. this has a red cowling, spinner, bomb racks and tips of wings, fin, and stabs. It also has red, white, and blue stripes on wings and stabs.

Finally, one from Mexico. This has a white nose and green stripes on the wings and fuselage. The white and green areas will need to be painted. a template for the fuselage markings is provided and you do have a decal for the trim on the nose markings.

A colorful selection and by this time, Aeromaster had done away with the paper envelopes for decals and gone on to zip bags.

August 2017

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