Aeromaster 48-005: Foreign Hurricanes

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Scott Van Aken

Another of Aeromaster's first sheets, this time from 1992 is this one on Hurricanes used by other nations. The recommended kits at the time were the old Airfix for the Hurricane I and the then-new Hobbycraft kit for the Hurricane II. Current modelers will undoubtedly use the Hasegawa and Airfix kits for these options as they are not only newer, but a lot more detailed. Having said that, if you want nice looking shelf models, then those older ones will work just fine and won't be as fussy to build.

There is a nice variety on this sheet with the first being a Finnish Hurricane I from 2 LeLv 26 in 1943.

Next is a IIc from the Royal Indian Air Forces 1 Squadron in 1944.

An Irish Air Corps Mk.I is next. This is from 1 Fighter Squadron in 1945.

A Romanian Mk.I is the fourth option. This one is from 1940 and probably has the Watts wooden prop. Note that the underside is in black and white making for a rather interesting scheme with all that yellow.

A Mark IIc from 351 (Yugoslav) squadron in 1944 is the next one. This one has the large sand filter under the nose.

Finally a Mk.I of the Yugoslav Air Force in 1938/39. This one also has the Watts wooden prop.

Decals are nicely printed by Microscale and have several of the insignia in sections to eliminate issues with registration.  A nice one if you can find it.

 from 1991. This particular one concentrates on the Bf-109 and specifically those late war planes on Reich defense duty. Over the years, information has surfaced that has changed what we thought we knew and so it is with at least one option on this sheet. Some of these planes had color in the center of the insignia and Aeromaster provided templates to help with painting these.

There are six options, all in a variety of mid/late war schemes. All of them have the Erla canopy.

Firs is listed as a G-14/AS from IV JG-5 in 1945. RLM 75/82/76.

Next, in RLM 74/75/76 is a G-10 from what was thought to be ISS (Industry Protection Flight) with a green and white checked tail band. We now know those were markings for KG(J).76.

Next from II./JG 2 is another G-10 in RLM 74/75/76. One of the 'problems' with this sheet and others is that they don't tell us if the wings had the small or large wheel clearance bulge.

From 1945 is a G-6/AS named 'Gigi'. Camo is RLM 74/75/76 with a yellow nose and rudder.

Fifth is a K-4 from III./JG 53 in RLM 81/82/76 with a black fuselage band.

Finally with a white and light blue band is a G-10 with I./JG 54. This one has a replacement cowling and is in RLM 74/81/82/76.

The decals are nicely printed by Microscale and includes spinner spirals and swastikas.

Here is a photo of a Revell 109G-10 I did using the second markings option.

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