Aeromaster 48-344: Luscious Latin Jugs

Units: various




Scott Van Aken

This sheet contains four sets of markings for P-47D 'bubbletop' Thunderbolts. The P-47 was used by quite a few Latin American nations, though perhaps not to the extent of the Mustang as the P-47 was a bit more maintenance intensive, thanks to the turbocharging system.

This sheet provides four options from three nations.

First one is from the Mexican Air Force as used in the Philippines during the last year of the pacific war. Overall unpainted metal with black ID bands. There are both US and Mexican markings on the wings with Mexican rudder stripes. This unit took its planes home and operated them for manyyears.

Next is a Brazilian Air Force plane as operated in Italy during the last months of the European War. Most of their planes were camouflaged, but not all as you can see by this option. Lots of mission markings and Brazilian markings placed atop the US version.

The last nation is Cuba that operated the type for many years. The sheet has the option of either an unpainted metal version or an overall olive drab plane. Both are marked in a similar manner though the numbers are in different colors.

There are enough insignia for one from each nation. The sheet itself is printed by Microscale.

February 2019

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