Aeromaster 48-337: Me-262 Stormbirds part 4

Units: various




Scott Van Aken

This sheet contains five sets of markings for both single and two seat Mi-262s. Though designed for the Dragon and Monogram kits, there seems to be no reason why you could not use these on the Hobby Boss offerings or even the Tamiya single seat version as all the available 262 kits seem to be pretty accurate in outline.

First up is a two seater from II./EJG 2 in September 1944. It is in the RML 82/83/76 scheme with mottling in the two upper surface colors.

Next is a single seat plane from JG 7. This aircraft is in the 81/82/76 scheme with a white nose. Mottling is in the upper surface colors and it appears the upper fuselage is a solid RLM 82.

The other single seat plane is from 5./KG 51 so will have the bomb pylons. It is 81/82/76 with squiggles all over the upper surface in RLM 76. Not the red forward section of the engine nacelles.

Fourth option is a night fighter from KG(J)/54 in March of 1945. Underside is in black with the upper surface in RLM 76 with heavy mottling of RLM 74.

Finally, another trainer, this time in RLM 81/82/76 with heavy mottling in the upper colors and unpainted forward engine cowlings.

Decals are printed my Microscale so will work with the weaker setting solutions like Microsol.

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