Aeromaster 48-320: Air War over Vietnam:  A-1E

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Scott Van Aken

This sheet contains five markings options for the A-1E Skyraider. One would have hoped for a modern E model Skyraider, but we only have the old Matchbox version. Though there is aftermarket for it, a new tool kit would be most welcome. Many of us are wondering why Tamiya hasn't added whatever is needed to their current A-1H kit to provide the multi-place version, but it hasn't happened.

The first option is in the light gull grey over white scheme that was applied to the first USAF batch. This plane was with the 1st Air Commando Squadron in 1965. Typical of planes gotten from the Navy (as were all USAF Skyraiders), this one has the spoked wheels.

Next is the first of four SEA camouflaged planes. These varied between a black or a light grey underside. Most would have gotten the solid USAF style wheels by this time. These next two were both with the 602nd SOS and have a similar radio fit. 'Corn Fed' is the first option and you'll notice that it has no insignia. Same for 'The Wind Song', and it has an additional antenna on the spine.

'Orient Express' is with the 1st SOS  in 1970. Like all the camo USAF planes on this sheet, it operated out of Nakon Phanom in Thailand during 1969/70. It has the light grey underside and the wheels are painted red.

Finally, another 602 SOS plane. "Georgia Ann" had a different UHF/VHF antenna on the spine. Note also that it has what looks to be replacement cowling bits.

If you can get past the fact that the only available kit is ancient (in styrene years), then this would be a great choice of a sheet. 

May 2018

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