Aeromaster 48-317: Fighting Polikarpovs Pt.3

Units: various




Scott Van Aken

This sheet contains three markings options for the Polikarpov I-153. While the sheet is designed for the Classic Airframes version, I see no reason why it wouldn't fit the ICM or AMG kit. All three options are basically dark green over light blue-grey.

White 24 was with the 71st IAP in August 1942. Note that this plane carried RS-24 rockets under each wing.

Next with the large red flash, is White 4 of an unknown unit. The rudder is aluminum with a white tip and blue stripe. The upper wing carries a large amount of red paint as does the engine cowling.

Finally, red 6, which has a yellow fin and rudder. This aircraft was with the Black Sea Fleet.

The sheet comes with extra insignia with white outlines. The sheet itself is printed by Microscale.

February 2019

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