Aeromaster 48-292: Carrier Based Avengers Part 4

Units: various




Scott Van Aken

Another nice TBM sheet for the Accurate Miniatures kit. This kit has been reissued by Italeri so it is not impossible to find. These are all TBM-1Cs with two of them in the standard overall gloss sea blue with one in the Atlantic scheme of dark gull grey over white. Note that this sheet does not include the rather large insignia so that will need to come from the kit or another source.

First up is a VT-83 aircraft from aboard the USS Essex in April of 1945.

Next is the Atlantic scheme plane with VC-42. This unit was on the USS Bogue in September 1944. According to the instruction notes, the pilot was awarded the Iron Cross for deck crashing three planes.

Finally, an aircraft from VT-46. No carrier is listed. but it is probably the USS Independence, CVL-22. 

July 2018

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