Aeromaster 48-283: Storms in the Sky part 3

Units: various




Scott Van Aken

A nice Typhoon sheet for this one. The planes are typical of British fighters and pretty devoid of fancy markings. All are in the mid/late war scheme of dark green/ocean grey over medium sea grey with yellow wing leading edge ID markings. Note that the cannon covers were ocean grey all over. While this sheet recommends the Monogram kit, and that would still make a nice model, the better offerings from Hasegawa are what most modelers would choose today.

The initial offering is from 439 Squadron in early 1945. Note that it has the early early C1 roundel on the upper wing with a yellow surround and also has Tempest tailplanes.

Next is from 4 Squadron. This plane has the late C1 wing roundels with no yellow border.

The third option is the aircraft of group captain J. Baldwin, hence the odd code representation. It has a pinkish white spinner, rocket rails, Tempest tailplanes and the older B upper wing roundels.

Finally a 164 squadron plane named 'Doreen'. This one has Tempest tailplanes and rocket rails as well.

I honestly don't know if the Hasegawa kit has the Tempest tailplanes or not as I cannot tell unless those with and without are placed side by side. I am pretty sure that the Monogram kit does have these tailplanes.

The sheet provides wing walk markings and enough insignia to do two of the markings options. You can also glean additional items from the kit decals if you wish to do more.

June 2018

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