Aeromaster 48-280: Fighting Polikarpov I-16s Part 1

Units: various




Scott Van Aken

Here we have five options for the I-16. These are designed for the Hobbycraft kit and while that has some major shape issues, these markings are such that they could very well be used on the much nicer Eduard offering. Of the five options three are for a type 18 and two for a type 10. The biggest visual difference between the two is that the type 18 pairs some of the exhaust stacks.

First up is a 72 AP plane in standard green over light blue. This plane has a radio aerial and a camera aboe the head rest.

Next is a 286 IAP plane in 1942 Same basic colors as above, but it has some kill markings and a repainted area.

From the Spanish Civil War is the next option. This one looks as if it has been painted using Italian colors.

A plane captured by the Finns in 1942 is the next option. It is in the later colors of dark green/black over light blue. Actually, several I-16s were captured and used in this manner. This one has skis.

Also on skis is this winter camouflaged plane of an unknown unit The forward cowling is a weathered black.

Any of these options would be nice to see done.

May 2018

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