Aeromaster 48-277: Big Beautiful Jugs Part 3

Units: various




Scott Van Aken

This sheet has a nice selection of early and late P-47Ds, most of them with quite a bit of color. The recommended kits are by Hasegawa and Monogram, but unless those kits have fins and cowling of different dimensions, these may well work on the newer Tamiya kit. These all appear to have Curtiss-Electric props, but there is no indication of which one.

First up is 'Beetle' of the 355 FG. This plane was captured by the Luftwaffe when the pilot mistakenly landed at a Luftwaffe base. OD over neutral grey with a white forward cowling.

From the 86th FG is 'Grumpy' in unpainted metal. It has a red forward cowling and cowl flaps.

'Duck-Butt is a P-47D-30 so will have the fin fillet. This 392 FS/367 FG plane has a red cowling and like the previous option, has a black anti-glare panel.

Finally a late razorback with the black and yellow checkered cowling. This aircraft was named 'Dove of Peace'. No unit info is provided and it had insignia under both wings.

Decals are nicely printed and despite their age, should prove to be workable. I've used 20 year old Aeromaster decals with no issues. I've also had some cause problems so trying out something like an insignia first is always a good idea. 

June 2018

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