Aeromaster 48-274: B-29s over Korea Part 3

Units: various




Scott Van Aken

This is a nice sheet covering a pair of Korean War B-29s. Both options are in unpainted metal and are from earlier in the war before they started to wear black undersides. The are also both from the 91st Bomb Group. I would venture to say that the nose art on these planes is the 'modified' versions after a prudish general's wife took offense at the originals and the general ordered a cover up.

Both options have full deicer boots on the flight surfaces and they have the unit colors on the fin tip, wing tips, a patch above the wing root, the nose gear doors and just behind the nose transparencies.

First is 'Dragon Lady' from the 30th Bomb Squadron. This plane is credited with shooting down a MiG-15 during 1951. Its unit colors are blue.

With green unit colors is 'Top of the Mark' of the 29th Bomb Squadron. These two planes were based on Okinawa in 1950 and 951. The large gloss black fin stripe on these two planes will need to be painted on. You will also have to either use kit markings (if they come with these insignia) or locate an aftermarket sheet.

June 2018

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