Aeromaster 48-262:  IJAAF Fast Recon Dinahs part 1

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Scott Van Aken

This sheet has markings for six Ki-46s, all of them -IIIs. Then, as now, the only kit for this plane in this scale that is easily found is that by Tamiya. Even though not brand new, it is still a superlative kit and unlikely to be soon outclassed as few model companies will put the bucks into tooling for something that has limited appeal outside Japan.

The way they can fit so many options on one sheet is that these planes usually had little more than tail markings and perhaps a combat stripe on the rear fuselage. There are enough insignia for two planes and even then, a lot of sheet room is taken up with separate white outlines.

First up is a dark green over grey plane from the 10th Sentai based on Taiwan in early 1945.

Number two is an earth brown over grey 16 independent chutai plane also from 1945.

In overall earth brown is a special attack plane. Note that all these planes had primer brown propellers and most had the spinners in this shade as well.

In overall dark green we have a 38 Sentai plane based in Hokkaido in late 1944. This one has red spinners.

The 1st Field Reserve Recon Group plane is in earth brown over grey and was based in Malaya in 1945.

The last option only shows the tail and is in earth brown over grey.  It was with the 17th Independent Chutail based in Japan in March 1945.

The Ki-46 won't wow people with fancy mottled camo, but if you want something a tad different from what comes in the kit, you may wish to look for this one.

February 2018

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