Aeromaster 48-250: Thunderbolts Galore V

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Scott Van Aken

Here is another nice older sheet from Aeromaster. This one covers five P-47 Thunderbolts. All of these planes are in unpainted metal with olive drab anti-glare panels. Some have two insignia under the wings and all have tailplane bands, a feature added to European based Thunderbolts so that AA gunners would not think they were FW-190s.

There is a nice mixture on this sheet and at the time of this release the recommended kits were the 'new' Hasegawa P-47D bubbletop or the Monogram kits. You could also use the Otaki or even Hawk kits if you want, but today most will go with the Tamiya versions. This may mean that some of the markings (such as the bands), may not fit them all.

First up is 'The Turtle', a P-47D-22 with the 509th FS/405th FG in the Winter of 1944. Note that this plane has a Malcolm Hood.

Nelxt is a P-47D-30 with the 356th FS/354th FG in November 1944. It carries invasion stripes on the lower fuselage.

Third is 'Doogan' with the 22 FS/36 FG in December 1944. Note that the canopy frame is in OD while the windscreen frame is unpainted. Invasion stripes and a yellow rudder on this P-47D-22.

Our fourth option is 'Jammer Janie' with the 81 FS/50 FG in April of 1945. THis P-47D-30 has a red forward cowling and prop spinner.

Finally, a blue cowled ''Margie Mc' with the 405th FS/371 FG in February of 1945.This aircraft has an oversize fuselage insignia.

Despite its age, I've had success with these older sheets and just in case, keep a bottle of Microscale decal film close by. As always, with any sheet over 10 years of age, it is wise to test a marking you won't be using or can easily replace first.

February 2018

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