Aeromaster 48-248: Marauding Emils part 3

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Scott Van Aken

This is one of several 'Marauding Emil' sheets done by Aeromaster and it includes five markings options, most of them in RM 71/02/65. Back in the mid 90s, the kit of choice was the Hasegawa offering or the Hobbycraft kit. While the Hasegawa kit is still a good choice, both Tamiya and Eduard have since provided E model 109s in this scale. Few of the markings are specific to any particular kit, so getting them to fit your kit of choice should not be an issue.

First up is a Bf-109E-3 flown by the Kommandeur of 1.(J)/LG 2 based in Calais in March of 1941. It was common to have a yellow rudder during this time and this one has a big swath of RLM 70 on the fin/rudder and patches on the fuselage as well.

Second, with the yellow nose is an E-4 with a pointy spinner as flown by the Kommandeur of II./JG 27. All the other markings are pretty standard,

Next we have an E-1 version in RLM 70/71/65 with the very low demarcation line. This was flown by Eduard Neuman, the Staffelkaptain of JG 26 in 1939.

The nice wasp motif is on lthe E-7/B of 8./ZG 1 in Russia in the summer of 1942. Yellow lower cowling, lower wing tips and fuselage band are standard stuff. The nonstandard RLM 71/02/76 scheme has very large patches of the upper colors.

Finally, an E-7 from 8./JG 5 based in Finland during the spring of 1942. This one is in mid-war colors of RLM 74/75/76 with a yellow lower cowling and rudder.

Instructions are well done though you will have to find another source for the splinter scheme used on the third option as you cannot tell the difference between the two upper colors.

February 2018

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