Aeromaster 48-244: RAF late war fighter roundels

Units: various




Scott Van Aken

For this old timey set, it is something that is often needed from time to time, especially when one runs out of the insignia offered on a sheet. There are also those who like to piece together code letter/numbers and serials to do specific aircraft. In this case, we have late war RAF fighter insignia.

There are basically five different sizes provided. You have Spitfire upper wing Type B roundels, Spitfire upper wing type C roundels, Hurricand upper wing type B roundels, and then fuselage type C1 36 inch rondels and lower wing type C roundels in 32 inches.

You are also provided with standard 24 x 24 inch fin flashes and some that are a bit taller. Prototype markings are included as are a selection of command pennants. In all, a nicely done set.

February 2018

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