Aeromaster 48-210: Spitfires at War part 2

Units: various




Scott Van Aken

This particular sheet contains four quite different camouflage schemes for 1/48 Spitfires. Today, there are dedicated kits for all these options so no need to do any modifications.

First up is a Spitfire VII from 131 Squadron in early 1944. Medium sea grey uppers with PRU blue undersides.

Next is 145 Squadron Spitfire IX flown by Stanislaw Skalski. It is from early 1943 in Tunisia and is painted in dark earth/dark stone over Mediterranean blue. I have seen sheets that depict the codes in red vice the blue on this one.

Third is a Spitfire IX of Jan Falkowskit from 303 Squadro in 1943. Standard RAF day fighter camouflage scheme.

Finally an overall PRU blue Spitfire IX with the Northolt High Altitude Flight in September 1942.

These decals were printed by Microscale. Instructions provide full stencil placement and your are provided enough of those for two aircraft.

May 2018

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