Aeromaster 48-206: B-24 Liberators over Europe Pt 2

Units: various




Scott Van Aken

This sheet is for the Monogram B-24. I know that a lot of modelers would love to see a newer tool kit of this, but one has to admit that not only is this one still a very nice kit, but any replacement would be considerably more expensive.

There are two markings options on this sheet. Both are in olive drab over neutral grey with the outside of the fins painted yellow. They also both have black anti-icing boots on the leading edges of the flight surfaces.

First up is a B-24J-75 from the 93rd Bomb Group. It is named ''Sweater Gal" and sports a shark mouth as well as an impressive tally of missions. Note also that the modeler needs to paint the white of the 'eyeballs'.

From the 466th Bomb Group comes "Naughty Nan'. This one has yellow bands around each of the engine cowlings with one engine having the forward cowling in unpainted metal. This is a B-24H-15 and while I know there are differences between these two variants, the only one that is readily apparent is the shap of the bomb aimer's glass under the forward turret.

May 2018

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