Aeromaster 48-203: Fokker D.XXI collection

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Scott Van Aken

Back in late 1995, when this kit was released, the recommended kit was the Classic Airframes version with a conversion set. Now we have some very nice offerings from the MPM/Special Hobby folks for our 1/48 D.XXIs. There are five options on the sheet (one not shown). Three of them are in Continuation War markings of black/green/medium blue with the standard yellow bits on the fuselage and under wings. The other two are as delivered and used in the Winter War. These are dark green uppers with light grey undersides.

The Finnish Air Force generally grouped types into the same unit and so it is here. The first two options are with 2/LLv/12 in 1942. They both have differences in markings with the first carrying a unicorn and mottled wheel legs. The second has a mountain goat and is on skis. Note the the first option is without the usual large rudder markings.

The third is with 1/LLv 14 and carries a big X on the rudder.

The first of two earlier schemes is from air wing 2. This has a rather unusual toned down markings on the fuselage side and upper wings.

The last markings option is for FR-92 of 4/LLv 24. This plane is in standard markings of the time and is a plane that has been documented with three different insignia treatments. This includes the ones used in previous options as well as those with the later greyed out white areas. This plane also has a rudder in white and blue with the blue on the lower portion.

 You are provided enough insignia and the minimal data markings these planes carried to do all the options.

December 2017

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