Aeromaster 48-184: Fokker D.VII collection part 2

Units: various




Scott Van Aken

The Fokker D.VII is a real favorite of WWI modelers. Partly because of the nice colors it was often painted and partly because there is little in the way of rigging. This particular sheet has five options, four of which are shown. This sheet is designed for the DML/Dragon kit, though you could easily use others in this scale from Monogram or Roden. The majority of these options have lozenge on the wings and horizontal tailplanes. The sheet does not include this, but there are a variety of sheets out there that will cover this.

First, in an overall grey-green is a post war police flight plane. Note that on these planes, the fuselage markings are mostly white.

Next, with a blue fuselage is  a Jasta 78B aircraft.

Third up with a red nose and blue fuselage is the first of two planes from Jasta 15. This was flown by Lt. Joachim Ziegesar. The other plane from this unit was flown by  Georg van Hantlemann. Note that on all these options, the color of the struts was not identical.

Finally, a plane from Jasta 13 that has a green nose and blue fuselage. It was flown by Heinrich Piel. These all have white rudders and in some cases a white fin as well.

December 2017

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