Aeromaster 48-174: Ki-84 Special Attack Squadrons

Units: various




Scott Van Aken

Pretty much every aircraft type was used for special attack missions, and this included the Ki-84 Hayate. While the IJNAF units did not apply special markings to their planes, the IJAAF was not beyond adding some splash to these aircraft. This sheet provides markings for three of these colorful planes. Now this sheet was produced before Hasegawa's excellent Frank kit was released and as such they recommend the 1/50 scale Tamiya kit. Whether this will make all the markings a bit small is unknown until one tries it. Otaki also did a Ki-84, though most will use the Hasegawa offering.

First is a dark brown over grey plane of the leader of the 182nd Shinbu-Tai and is without wing armament.

Next we have a 57 Shinbu-Tai plane with a large red lightning bolt. This one is dark green over light grey.

The final offering is the most flamboyant and is another 57th Shinbu-Tai plane. This time it is dark brown over light grey and includes a red spinner on the standard greenish prop. To be hones, I think the undersides may have been unpainted metal. but your choice.

The set includes enough insignia for one plane, but you can always use kit decals for aftermarket insignia sets for more than one build out of this sheet.

February 2018

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