Aeromaster 48-170: Tojo Collection part 2

Units: various




Scott Van Aken

This is a nice sheet with some interesting options. The Ki-44 wasn't a plane that saw a lot of camouflage so it is not unusual to see schemes in unpainted metal. The sheet was developed shortly after the release of the fine Hasegawa Ki-44 series and so that is one of the two recommended kits. The other is the Otaki version that can also be found in Arii boxes. As a note, the fabric covered control surfaces on unpainted planes is in the green-grey primer.

The Shoki was not a plane that saw a great deal of squadron use. Not like the Ki-43, so it is not surprising that three of the options on this sheet are from the 47th Sentai, such as the first one This plane has the blue markings with red trim of the Sentai commander. The wing 'bandages' are in white while the fuselage band is in yellow.

Next is one from the Hitachi training division. This plane has dark green upper surfaces with a big red lightning bolt.

Third is a plane from the 246th Sentai in early 1945. Cowl flaps, fin marking, and landing gear doors are in the colors of the 3rd Chutai. Note that this plane also has the yellow fuselage 'bandages' and a yellow spinner.

The second 47 Sentai plane id from the 3rd Chutai. It has a blue fin tip and blue fuselage stripe with all the defense bands in white.

Finally, the third 47 Sentai plane, this one from the 2nd Chutai. It has a red fin tip and very large fuselage markings. The spinner is yellow. Note that all these planes have yellow leading edge ID bands.

February 2018

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