Aeromaster 48-153: RAAF Boomerang Collection

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Scott Van Aken

The Boomerang is one of the few fighters of WWII that never shot down an enemy plane. It was the result of a need for a locally designed fighter and since the most modern plane currently built in Australia was the Wirraway (itself based on the early T-6), it was decided to base the new fighter on this aircraft. This need arose when the Pacific war started and the Australians realized they did not have much in the way of modern fighters. Getting them from the US and UK was problematic as those nations needed the aircraft for their own war effort. Eventually, a considerable number were built and they served well in the ground attack role.

This sheet was designed for the LTD kit, but since then Special Hobby has come out with a vastly superior kit. Fortunately, none of the markings are kit specific. Four of the five markings options are for planes from 5 Squadron (BF code) the the other is 4 Squadron *QE. All the options carry a name or nose art on the cowling.

These planes wore two camouflage schemes. One was foliage green and earth over a pale blue. The other was an overall foliage green. One of these options has the standard SWPA theater markings of white wing leading edges and an all white tail section. Another note is that all but the last plane are CA-13. The last one is a CA-12 and has a simple tubular exhaust instead of the normal 'porcupine' exhaust of the later version.

May 2018

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