Aeromaster 48-143: Heinkels at War

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Scott Van Aken

Designed for the  Monogram 1/48 He-111, still the best kit of this plane in this scale according to many this sheet provides markings for a variety of variants. All are basically in RLM 70/71/65, the basic colors for bombers and transports. A close look at the profiles will show some of the variant differences, though more complete information can be found in various references.

First up is an H-4 version with Kg 54 in Russia during the summer of 1943. This is about the time that the large code letters were being downsized to where only the individual aircraft letter was still the full size. This resulted on the patches of RLM 75 on either side of the fuselage insignia. The upper portion of the white fuselage band has also been overpainted.

Next, an H-22 from III.KG 3 in the summer of 1944. This variant is one that carried a V-1 in a continued attack on the British Isles. You'll probably need the ProModeler boxing to do this aircraft. Its upper surfaces have large patches of RLM 75.

Another Eastern Front aircraft from III./KG 26 is the H-4 version from the summer of 1942. This plane has a lot of RLM 75 or RLM 77 over upper surfaces. Note also that this plane has ejector exhaust whereas most H-4 versions had the older variety.

Finally, another flying bomb carrying H-22 , this time from I./KG 53 in late 1944. Like the previous H-22, this one also has large patches of RLM 75 or RL 77 on the upper surfaces.

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