Aeromaster 48-130: Blue Nose Birds of Bodney

Units: 352 FG




Scott Van Aken

When Aeromaster was getting under way, they did a lot of Mustang sheets. This is one of them with markings for five planes (four shown). Most are unpainted metal with the usual blue nose typical of late war planes. This shade was not consistent so check references. While the Hasegawa D was the recommended kit, we now have lots of B/D Mustangs available to us.

First is 'Patty Ann II' a B model with a Malcolm hood. This was flown by John Thornton of the 328th FS. Red trim tab and invasion stripes on the underside.

Next is 'Cripes a Mighty' of the 328th's George Preddy. Red rudde and other red bits.

In OD is 'Hell-er-bust' of Edwin Heller. This plane was assigned to the 486th FS and has white stripes on the wings and stabs. This plane also has a Malcolm hood.

From the 487th FS is 'Slender Tender & TALL' as flown by William Halton. Blue rudder.

Finally, a P-51B in unpainted metal and standard cockpit from the 487 FS. 'Princess Elizabeth' was flown by William Whisner and has black wing and tailplane stripes.

This 1995 sheet has data markings and insignia for one option.

October 2017

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