Aeromaster 48-104: Havoc Collection

Units: various




Scott Van Aken

This sheet contains markings options for five aircraft though only three are shown. These are all designed for the then-new AMT 1/48 A-20G, a kit that has since been released by Italeri. There are no US insignia with this one, the kit offerings being the ones the modeler is expected to use. All but one of the planes is in olive drab over neutral grey.

First up is 'PiZ-Doff' assigned to the 672 BS/417 BG in the SW Pacific in 1944. This has medium green mottling on the wings and tail. The fin section is in red with the sheet providing the white stripes that go on the fin and on the wings.

'My Joy' is the next option with a very large nose art on the right side. This plane was assigned to the 674 BS/417 BG. It has a white tail tip and no mottling.

Third is 'Green Hornet' with the 675 BS/417 BG. It has a blue fin tip, nose cap and wing tips with medium green mottling

The fourth option is with the 66 BS/416 BG in the ETO. 'La France Libre' has full invasion stripes along with a white rudder band.

Finally, in medium green over grey is a 22 squadron plane with the RAAF in 1944. This plane has wide white wing bands that do not extend to the control surfaces.

October 2017

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