Advanced Modeling AM48100: Luftwaffe Insignia


Advanced Modeling AM48100: Luftwaffe Insignia




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Scott Van Aken


Painting Masks


Moving on now to 1/48 scale, Advanced Modeling presents their sheet of Luftwaffe insignia. This particular sheet has a number of Balkenkreuz in various sizes and styles. There is but one sheet in this set as the markings are smaller. No swastika is included in this sheet, perhaps due to it being on a later offering or just too small to be able to be done as a mask.

The masks themselves are on clear plastic sheeting, which at first seems that there is nothing there. However, close inspection will show the masks. These are not the 'peel and stick' variety that one might expect. Instead, they are slightly tacky. One first removes the mask from the backing, dips the mask in tepid water to prevent it from completely sticking, moves it into  position, then presses down on the mask with a soft cloth to remove all the excess water. Once that is done, you can then continue with your painting.

In all, it looks like a great way to get the best of insignia on your next large scale model. The masks themselves are clear so it makes that much easier to place on the model. Some of these are of such a size that they would probably work well on large 1/48 models. No website was given for ordering, but you can contact Advanced Modeling at if interested in getting his full line of masks, which at the moment seems to be concentrating on national insignia for the US and Germany.

My thanks to Advanced Modeling for the review sheet.

April 2008

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